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My name is Maria Estela Edward M.S.L, Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology Specialization, AWA I am the owner and founder of MEE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORP.


I have dedicated half my life to Child Education in different spheres uninterrupted, constantly studying, researching and keeping up with all the advances that my career has made internationally; this has allowed me to confirm that the knowledge you have is never enough..... ''You do better when you know.''

Since 1990 I have embarked on a long and beautiful professional path having the honor and privilege of working and sharing professional experiences with the most recognized specialists in my career.  


I have worked closely with hundreds of children with Special Needs (different diagnoses) and their families. Helping achieving incredible results by incorporating them to active lifestyles and bringing out a smile on each of their families because of the progress of their children. As a university professor, I have collaborated in the training of early childhood teachers in schools, homes, principals, administrators, specialists in both Special Children's Education and General Children's Education.


I was founder, owner and director of two Inclusive Child Care Centers for more than 12 years located in a community where more than 98% of the population was a minority; making a strong impact on children and their families, who have achieve extraordinary results of which I am proud today. Throughout my journey I have been able to see the urgent need for Inclusive Child Education teachers to know deeply about Special Education to really carry out an Inclusive program with appropriate practices.


“We do not learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 John Dewey.


  • Certified Autism Specialist

  • PGC Sensory Integration ( students )

  • Train The Trainer Training Source One

  • Trainer-Master Trainer Palm Beach State College

  • Infants and Toddler Development Specialist

  • National CDA Gold Standard Specialist

  • National CDA PD Specialist

  • National CDA Home Visitor PD Specialist

  • Director Credential Advanced Level

  • Pre-K Certificated Class Observer

Yes, this website is unique and intentionally created with the purpose of empowering the teachers of preschool age, by giving them the necessary training, updated and with the highest quality on the most common topics of special education; as they address them within their classrooms in the daily life, understanding the causes, the origin, and the best practices for both children and their families.

MEE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORP. and I'm humbled to work with you and stand for you and the important work we all do in the early childhood education field.

I am Maria Estela Edward and I'm excited to share this website with you:


  • Early Childcare 0 to 5 Providers

  • Family Childcare Providers

  • Parents

  • Infants and Toddlers Development Specialist

  • Assistant Teachers

  • Babysitter

  • And many more



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